How to Download & Install Tubi App to Watch Shows on LG Smart TV

If you want free streaming on your smart TV, Tubi is a good place to be. With more than 20,000 movies and TV shows to watch, you can have an enjoyable binge-watching weekend with Tubi alone. Exciting titles are waiting for you to explore in different genres like comedy, action, thrillers, horror, family, documentary, and more.

Now, Tubi is adding more compatible platforms to give you more options and flexibility when watching your favorite TV series and movies. The Tubi app is coming to LG smart TVs. It will be a new addition to a line of supported devices such as Apple TV, Samsung TVs, Google TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, iOS, Hisense TVs, Vizio TVs, Sony TVs, and more.

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Tubi is a free premium on-demand streaming service by Fox. You can stream a huge collection of TV shows and films all for free and without any subscription required but with ad interruptions. While Fox gives you a zero-cost streaming experience, it monetizes its content through ads. Still, it is an excellent option when you don’t want to pay a single cent on streaming.

Watching TV shows on Tubi will give you access to content from MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and more. There are titles launched now and then to offer you variety and something to always get and discover. You can even stream live new channels, both local and national.

How to Download & Install the Tubi Streaming App to Watch Free Content on LG Smart TV

Tubi is now part of the LG smart TV app library, so it is easy to navigate to the streaming app right on your device. You can use your voice remote control to search for Tubi or use the Launcher Bar to get to the app and install it.

  • On your LG smart TV, navigate to the Launcher Bar at the bottom row.
  • Select Store to open the LG Content Store.
  • On the right, select Apps & Games.
  • Look for Tubi.
  • Select Tubi.
  • Choose Install.

Tubi continues to add even more content from Fox Alternative Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment. You can check out popular titles like Grow House, Escape 2120, Freedom, The Cosmic Secret, and the new original series The Freak Brothers.

Will you download Tubi on your LG smart TV? What TV shows will you be watching first? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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