Fix Hulu Load Playlist Health Check Failed Issue with Error Code Playlist 5

Hulu is one of the best streaming services, with a vast library of movies, television shows, and even live television. It has been around for more than a decade. And it reached 40M subscribers, even though it is available only in the US.

Hulu also offers cheaper plans so people can save a couple of bucks and enjoy streaming but bear in mind that it will not be free of advertisements. If you cannot tolerate ads, you can choose their more expensive subscription account, but you will spend twice as much for the pleasure.

Their platform is accessible on various platforms thanks to a great mobile app compatible with Android, iOS, Apple TV, and a number of set-top boxes and most smart TV brands.


Although Hulu rarely faces troubles, every platform or program will occasionally experience bugs and glitches. It includes the error code playlist 5. The issue produces the “Load Playlist Health Check Failed. Timed Out Waiting for Playlist Request. Hulu Error Code: playlist 5-“ error message on your Hulu app screen. 

When Hulu cannot fetch and run a title, error code playlist five will be triggered. it suggests that the software has trouble connecting to the servers. Or difficulties with your device’s software. Several things, including technical glitches with the app or device, could cause this error.

Such as that their servers are down or that you’re using an old version of Hulu. It might also be a corrupted playlist or the installation files for the Hulu app.

How to Fix Hulu Load Playlist Health Check Failed Playback Issue with Error Code Playlist 5

Whenever the load playlist health check failed with error code playlist 5 occur when you’re streaming content on Hulu, you may perform these quick and easy troubleshooting steps:

  1. Close the Hulu app entirely and open it again.
  2. Check the servers of Hulu.
  3. Wait for at least 1-2 hours and see if the error gets fixed.

Whenever there is a technical issue or while scheduled maintenance is taking place, Hulu frequently goes unavailable and error playlist 5 might appear. Check-in periodically to be alerted as soon as the platform is operational.

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Look into your Internet Connection 

The Hulu app may have trouble connecting to the servers due to a sluggish or inconsistent internet connection. Here’s what you can do to improve your connection: 

  • Conduct a speed test. Your internet connection must have a minimum speed of 3 Mbps to use Hulu without any problems.
  • To reestablish a network connection, switch your device’s Airplane mode on and off.
  • Turn off your device’s Data Saver or Low Data mode.
  • Enable background data for the Hulu app.
  • From mobile data, switch to the Wi-Fi network, or vice versa.
  • Restart your router to reestablish the connection with your service provider’s servers.
  • Report the issue to your ISP and ask them to improve their service if your internet speed doesn’t improve.

Consider Reducing the Stream Quality on your Hulu Account Settings 

Reducing Stream Quality on your Hulu Account Settings 
Photo credit by Michael Jeffery on Unsplash

Your Internet network speeds may have trouble keeping up with the app’s bandwidth demands. The problem could be caused by Hulu streaming at a greater resolution than your system can handle.

  • Start by launching the Hulu app and selecting the symbol for your profile in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Then click Settings and select Cellular Data Usage.
  • Finally, choose Data Saver from the list of alternatives.

Check for Updates on your Hulu App 

Applications should occasionally be updated to fix potential bugs and ensure they are device-optimized. You might be using an old program version if there’s an error code. 

Use Different Applications

Try using other applications to see if you still experience issues. There could be a problem with the operating system of your device that affects how different programs work.

Delete and Install the Hulu App Once More

It’s possible that some of Hulu’s installation files have become corrupted and can no longer be fixed.

Restart your Device

A momentary problem could bring on the playlist five error number on Hulu. Try rebooting your device to ensure that your operating system and applications are correctly loaded to rule this out.

Perform a Device Update 

There could be a flaw or fault in the operating system of your device that prevents Hulu and other programs from working properly. To resolve this, see if your device has any pending updates.

Pause your VPN Service

Image credit by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

If you are utilizing VPN services on your device, it may also be why Hulu is having trouble connecting to its servers. Third-party applications called virtual private networks shield your internet data from intruders and other bad guys.

Your IP address is discreetly changed randomly to protect your location, and your data is filtered to conceal confidential information like bank account information, credit card numbers, and passwords. Nevertheless, not all VPNs integrate nicely with other programs and may slow down your network connection.

In cases when you really need to use a VPN server to connect to Hulu, here are some of the best services we have in the market today:

Try Using a Wired Internet Connection Over WiFi

In some cases, wireless connectivity troubles may cause the error. Try switching to a cable connection rather than Wi-Fi to see if this is the case with you. You can stream by connecting your streaming device with an Ethernet wire to the router or modem.

If the playlist five error still appears on Hulu, there might be a more severe problem. In this situation, we advise you to let the professionals look into the issue further and contact the Hulu team.


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