How to Fix Invalid Token Server Error on Discovery Plus App or Website

You’re ready to watch your favorite Discovery Plus content, and there’s a problem, it’s not working. So you can’t watch anything. You’ve popped your popcorn and a fizzy drink ready to be enjoyed, but now you have nothing to watch.

Don’t sweat it; your problem can easily be solved. You might not know it, but stuff like this always happens. So don’t spill your popcorn; try one of these easy fixes and get back to streaming your favorite content on Discovery+ in no time.

Here’s a quick list of things that you can do for those who are in a hurry:

  • Restart Your Device
  • Try Another Device
  • Check Your Internet
  • Restart the Discovery Plus App
  • Update Your App
  • Clear Cache
  • Reinstall the Discovery Plus App
  • Update Your Device
  • Reach Out to Your ISP

How to Troubleshoot Issue and Fix Invalid Token Internal Server Error on Discovery Plus App or Website

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If you have the time to stick around, let’s dive deeply into these solutions and how they can help solve your Discovery Plus watching woes.

Restart Your Streaming Device

The very first thing you should do is restart your device if things aren’t working properly. It’s the easiest solution but one of the most overlooked. Restart your device and see if that does the trick. If it doesn’t, move on to one of the next things.

Try Another Device to Access Discovery Plus

Yes, it sounds simple enough. But try and see if you can watch Discovery Plus on another device. If it works, then you know there’s something going on with your device. If it doesn’t, you know there’s a problem with the streaming service itself, and it’s not your device.

Check Your WiFi Internet Network Connection

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You should check your internet connection and check to see if there are any issues with Discovery Plus. If your internet connection is working properly, head on over to Twitter and see if Discovery+ is trending. Twitter is the best place to check for things like this online because people rush to the social networking platform anytime anything goes wrong.

Check your router and consider connecting the ethernet cable directly to your device. What you’re trying to rule out is your internet connection. If your internet connection is fast and stable, that means something else is wrong. You may want to restart your router just to ensure there’s no funny business going on there as well.

Restart the Discovery Plus App

Restarting the app sometimes works, but not always. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying, and it’s probably something that you’ve already tried. If not, restart it and see if that helps. Who knows, this often overlooked solution may be what the doctor ordered.

Update Your Discovery+ App

How long has it been since you’ve updated your Discovery Plus app? It doesn’t matter if you updated it yesterday, though; let’s be honest, most people never update their apps. So go ahead and update your app; if that doesn’t solve the problem, at least you know you’re up to date.

Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

Caches are funny things and can make a computer act very strange when they’re full. Clear your cache data or cookies and see what happens if you are accessing Discovery+ website through your web browser. Are you able to watch your favorite streams? If not, don’t worry; now your cache is clear and will help speed up your system.

Reinstall the Discovery Plus App

Sometimes apps become corrupt, and they don’t like to play well with others. If so, you must delete it and do a fresh install. It’s not common that this is the reason why your Discovery Plus isn’t working, but it’s one of those things you must do to check off the list to ensure you’re trying anything and everything.

Install Latest Updates on Your Device

When was the last time you updated the operating system on your device? Wait a minute; you’ve never updated it? Don’t you think that could be the problem? Your operating system has updates for a reason, and one of them is to make sure all your apps work as they should. Update your system now, and hopefully, that solves your problem.

Reach Out to Your ISP

If all else fails, call your internet service provider and see if they have any answers. There could be a problem somewhere down the line that’s making it impossible for you to watch your favorite Discovery Plus stream. It would rarely be an ISP issue, but stranger things have happened. You’re probably craving your Discovery Plus really bad and will do almost anything to get your fix.

Hopefully, you haven’t made it this far, and we helped you solve your Discovery+ issue. Nothing is worse than missing your favorite programming, and if one of these solutions solves your problem, remember what you did. There’s a good chance you’ll face the same thing in the future because that’s just how electronics operate.

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