How to Fix Paramount+ TV Series Episodes or Seasons Not Available or Missing

Paramount Plus only launched recently, but the service is already one of the better catalogs in the streaming wars. There are over 30,000 bingeworthy episodes of TV shows and movies to give you the best time ever. As a viewer, you should be aware that the legal rights to a lot of these properties is extremely nuanced.

There’s no mirroring deal for all productions, so sometimes, things may not be the same in different regions or over the course of time. If you are ever watching a TV show or TV series on the Paramount+ streaming app and you’re not seeing certain episodes or seasons, we’ve got you covered with the reasons why in this guide, and what you can possibly do to troubleshoot and fix it.

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How to Fix & Troubleshoot Paramount Plus App Not Showing All Episodes on TV Series

Many users have reported this problem related to Paramount Plus not showing or displaying all episodes, so you’re not alone. Sometimes, the glitch or error may be related to copyrights or technical issues. The solutions presented here are centered on resetting and troubleshooting, so they should help you get to the bottom of the bug and streaming rights issue with geo-restriction policies.

Wait for a Couple More Days Before Checking Again

New episodes and seasons of some TV series or shows can take at least a day to appear on the Paramount+ app after they are aired on traditional cable TV. This might be the quick resolution you were looking for!

Check your Internet Connection Speeds

Although the problem is mostly boiled down to legal reasons, it might be from your end in some occasions. Here’s how you can figure out a solution to that.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the giant GO button to run the test
  3. Save the results

If your download speeds are less than 3 Mbps, you might have a connection that is too slow for Standard Quality streaming, which is why you are unable to view a new episode of the show that you are currently watching.

Open and Watch the Episode on Another Device

Your smartphone might actually be the problem if you’re dealing with this issue on the Paramount Plus mobile app. Hear us out. There are actually certain mobile phone brands that lack the right DRM licenses to view certain high-quality titles. Because of this, Paramount Plus can only offer them at lower qualities like 480p.

If there are episodes that are not available for streaming in 480p, then you’ll need to use another device to watch it in the quality that is readily available. 

Your smartphone brand is now a factor in the modern day streaming wars. A bit scary to think about, but you don’t need the latest phone, just make sure you stick to a reputable phone brand.

Using a VPN Service to Access Paramount+ Content

One of the more obvious solutions available when content isn’t available to stream on Paramount+ or any other streaming service, a VPN is the perfect solution. Some TV shows or movies are only made available in certain regions, so in order to gain access to it and bypass the region restrictions, turn on a VPN and change the region to the location that your chosen TV Shows episodes or seasons are available.

If you need a trustworthy VPN service, check out these premium providers.

The Paramount Plus streaming service is something that is a true blessing for avid TV watchers. With this guide, you should have access to a larger content catalog and be able to outmaneuver any region-locked content.

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