Fix Paramount Plus Not Working, Won’t Load or Activate on Sky Q

Paramount Plus tends to fall by the wayside when discussing streaming services, but it’s a surprisingly good service. For those who don’t know, Paramount+ comes from ViacomCBS, and it features a ton of great shows and exclusives that really let it shine next to bigger competition like Netflix and Hulu.

Because of this, Paramount Plus has been gaining a lot of traction as of late, though that doesn’t mean it’s exempt from errors and bugs. Recently, many Sky Q subscribers have been reporting that their Paramount+ subscriptions aren’t working properly, not loading or activating, for no apparent reason.

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When you’re just trying to watch a show you like, having Paramount Plus not work, load or activate as usual can be frustrating to deal with. On top of that, the Sky Q is a great streaming box, but troubleshooting on it isn’t as straightforward as most other set top boxes.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Paramount Plus App Not Working, Loading or Activating on Sky Q TV Box

We’ve done some digging, and troubleshooting Paramount+ streaming app on a Sky Q set top box thankfully isn’t too difficult. Most of the difficulty comes as the result of needing to work around the Sky Q set top box, and even then, it’s mostly general fixes.

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We’ve compiled all our findings into some simple guides down below, that will take you through the steps needed to fix your Paramount Plus problem. So, if you’re ready to begin troubleshooting, let’s get right into it.

Check Your Internet Connection for Problems

  • Without a functioning or stable internet connection, your Sky Q won’t work properly, leading to Paramount+ issues.
  • Attempt to search for something to check if the internet is working properly.
  • If there’s a connection error, make sure it’s on your end and not on the ISP.
  • If it’s on your end, you can try moving your device closer to the router or buying tools to expand the range of your Wi-Fi setup.
  • If it’s on the ISP, contact them to let them know something’s wrong.
  • If everything is working fine, move on to the next fix.

Update your Sky Q TV Device Firmware

  • Updating your Sky Q set top box can usually fix the problem. 
  • Go to your Settings menu.
  • Head into the System Info.
  • Click on Software Version.
  • Check for any Sky Q system updates.
  • If there’s one available, download and install it.
  • Once it’s finished installing, allow your device to reboot.
  • Try launching Paramount Plus when it’s done.

Restart Your Sky Q Set-Top Box Device

  • Unplug the camera from Sky Q set top box.
  • Wait for about 20 seconds before plugging it back in. 
  • This will reboot and power cycle your Sky Q.
  • Wait for the Sky Q to finish rebooting.
  • Once it’s finished attempt to launch Paramount+ again.

Now that you’re done, your Sky Q should be back to running Paramount Plus without issue once again. It’s not too difficult, though it’s normal to not be as familiar with the Sky Q compared to other devices. Regardless, we hope we managed to help you fix the issue, and for more helpful guides like this, stay tuned.

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