How to Fix & Get Rid of Samsung Smart TV White Spots or Dots on Screen

Samsung smart TVs are responsible for a large portion of the modern televisions available in households and offices today. These devices are usually praised for their stellar visuals and durability. However, there are moments where people are unable to fully enjoy the experience.

In this guide, we’ll highlight one of the few problems people face while using Samsung TV device. Specifically, we’ll focus on the instances where white spots or dots may appear on your screen.

How to Troubleshoot Screen Issue to Fix and Get Rid of White Spots or Dots on Samsung Smart TV Device


This issue on a screen can be linked to internal hardware damage within your TV’s processor. There’s also a chance that you might be dealing with some overheating issues, so it’s best to be on top of it before the damage increases.

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Remove External Devices and Check For Hardware Issues

To troubleshoot and identify potential hardware-related problems, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect all external devices, including those connected via Bluetooth and any coaxial or signal cables, so that only the power cable remains connected to the TV
  2. Turn on your TV, and the screen will appear black as it’s not receiving any picture input
  3. Access the on-screen menu to check if the white spots are still visible. If they are, the issue likely resides within the TV’s hardware
  4. If the white spots disappear after removing external connections, plug in your HDMI and other cables one by one to find the damaged cable that needs replacement

Enable Auto Update for Firmware/Software

Software and firmware issues can occasionally lead to white spots or dots on the display of Samsung TVs. To address these problems, it’s important to keep your TV’s firmware up to date. Even if your TV is new, make sure to check for the latest firmware version.

Modern Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with auto-updating functionality for firmware, but it’s essential to confirm whether this feature is enabled for your TV:

  1. Use your Samsung TV remote to press the Menu or Home button
  2. Navigate to the Settings section
  3. Select Support
  4. Choose Software Update
  5. If any terms and conditions appear, agree to them
  6. Toggle on the Auto Update option

Perform the Samsung TV Picture Test

Photo credit by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

To determine if your Samsung TV’s white spots or dots on the screen are caused by a TV-related issue, you can perform a simple Picture Test. This test allows you to examine high-definition images and check for any flaws that may be causing the problem. Follow these quick steps to conduct the Picture Test:

  1. Navigate to your Samsung TV’s home screen
  2. Tap on Settings or scroll left until you find the gear icon
  3. Click on Support located below System
  4. Select Self Diagnosis
  5. Choose Picture Test
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test
  7. Check the TV screen for any white dots or spots

If the Picture Test successfully resolves the issue, then the problem was likely software-related. However, if the white spots persist, it may indicate a hardware problem with your TV.

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