How to Find Roku Smart TV or Streaming Player Device’s IP or MAC Address Info

That slick new Roku is pretty sweet, right? Endless movies, shows, and streaming content at your fingertips. But venture into the settings menu and you’ll find some head-scratchers – what’s with the IP address and MAC address listed in there? Meaningless tech jargon?

Not so fast. Though they may seem obscure, those addresses actually serve important purposes for your nifty Roku device. And someday you may need to locate them for specific uses.

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This in-depth guide breaks it all down in simple, straightforward terms.

No advanced degree in computer science required. We’ll make this networking stuff make sense.

First Things First – What is an IP Address?

Your Roku connects to the internet through your Wi-Fi network. To do that properly, it needs an IP address assigned to it. You can think of this IP address like a street address for your home, but for the internet instead.

The IP address is a unique identifier that allows your Roku to communicate with your Wi-Fi router. Without that IP address, your Roku would have no way to get internet access or connect to your network.

It’s crucial for that streaming functionality we know and love. The IP address facilitates the connection between device and router.

Okay, Makes Sense, But Where Do I Actually Find the Roku Smart TV or Streaming Player Device’s IP Address?

Not to worry – retrieving the IP address on your Roku device is quite straightforward.

If you have the Roku remote handy:

  • Navigate to Settings > System > About
  • The IP address for your specific Roku will be clearly listed there

If you don’t happen to have the remote nearby:

  • Check your Wi-Fi router’s connected devices list
  • Match up the Roku by its name and view the IP address
  • Or use the Remoku app to locate the IP address

Okay, Got It – But What About This MAC Address I See on Roku?

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Right, so now that we’ve covered IP addresses, let’s talk about the other code you’ll see – the MAC address.

The MAC address is like a unique fingerprint or identification number specifically for your Roku. It’s a series of numbers and letters unique to that device.

You typically would need the MAC address when setting up a wired internet connection to your Roku through Ethernet. This lets your router know exactly which device is plugged into which port.

It provides identification at a hardware level, while the IP address is more about software identification on the network.

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How to Find MAC Address on My Roku Smart TV or Streaming Player Device Then?

Locating the MAC address is very similar to finding the IP address.

If you have the Roku remote:

  • Navigate to Settings > System > About
  • The MAC address is listed there along with the IP address

If you don’t have the remote:

  • Check the label on the bottom or back of the Roku device
  • The MAC address may be printed there

Having the remote makes it really simple to find within the settings menus. But if it’s printed on the Roku label, you can get it without even needing the remote.

When Would I Actually Need the IP or MAC Address Info for My Roku?

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Excellent question. There are a few examples of when you may need to use the IP and MAC addresses:

  • Setting up a wired Ethernet internet connection – the MAC address is required here for the router to identify the Roku
  • Port forwarding if you want to allow external access to your Roku
  • General troubleshooting of internet connectivity or network issues – the addresses help identify problems
  • Identifying your specific Roku device on the network if you have multiple streaming devices
  • Using advanced remote access apps or features where the addresses are necessary

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