How to Fix Fios TV Mobile App 9-6-23-302-102 or 9-6-14-302-100 Error Code

The Fios TV mobile app is far from your usual mobile TV application.

Aside from letting you watch shows, it also lets you create a personal account, set records, manage and control your DVR, and watch live TV no matter where you are in the world. The app also lets you stream on-demand content that you can download for offline viewing.

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But even with such amazing features and offers, Fios app is not without flaws. In particular, users of the app have reported encountering several error codes.

Troubleshooting Tips for Fios TV Mobile App 9-6-23-302-102 or 9-6-14-302-100 Error Code

Below are several suggestions on how to fix Fios TV mobile app error codes 9-6-23-302-102, and 9-6-14-302-100.

Clear Fios TV Mobile App’s Cache

Apps including Fios use a chunk of the storage space of your phone for keeping data that they often use. Once this cache ends up with the wrong data or gets corrupted, the app will stop working, resulting in freezes and crashes.

To prevent it from happening, always make it a point to clear the cache of your Fios TV mobile app.

Reboot Your Router

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Router issues may also affect the Fios TV mobile app and stop it from functioning properly. Rebooting your router is one of the things you can do to address this concern.

There are two ways to restart your router.

  • The first one is using the power button located at the back of the router. Press the button, wait for several minutes, and turn on your router again.
  • You can also unplug its power and wait for a few minutes before you switch it on again.

Once the router turns on or all its lights start to blink, use the app again to check if you’ve gotten rid of the error code.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Fios TV Mobile App

If you’re still getting error codes even after you clear the cache, you can uninstall and reinstall your Fios TV mobile app to see if it fixes the problem. After uninstalling the app and installing it again, launch it and check if the error code is gone.

Reset the Router

Resetting the router is your next best option if a restart fails to solve the problem. Since every router has a different reset process, the best thing you can do is to refer to the manual of your router.

If the router is leased from an ISP, reach out to their support and seek help for resetting the router. Once you’ve finished resetting the router, check if your Fios TV mobile app is still showing up an error code.

Soft Reset Your Mobile Device

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If fixing the app and the router doesn’t solve the problem, your next best option is to soft reset the device you’re using to access the app.

A soft reset is a restart that should clear out issues with your Fios TV mobile app if your device happens to be the cause of the error codes.

The above tips will help you fix Fios TV mobile app error code 9-6-23-302-102 or 9-6-14-302-100 so that you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing and streaming.

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