How to Fix Insignia Smart TV Device Audio or Sound Settings Greyed Out Error

You excitedly unpack your shiny new Insignia smart TV, hang it on the wall, connect your soundbar, power it on and…no sound. Panic sets in as you frantically grab the remote to check settings only to find all the audio controls frustratingly greyed out and unusable.

Don’t freak out! We’ll walk through the most common reasons for blanked audio menus and simple troubleshooting steps to restore your TV’s sound capabilities quickly.

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Why are My Insignia Smart TV’s Audio Settings Grayed Out?

When critical sound settings like volume, EQ, surround effects, etc. appear “grayed out” and inactive on your Insignia television, there are a few common culprits:

  • Loose cable connections
  • Outdated TV software/firmware
  • Glitched audio driver or settings
  • Incorrect TV input mode
  • Hardware issue

Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Insignia Smart TV Device Audio or Sound Settings Greyed Out Error

Thankfully, many blanked audio menu causes are easy DIY fixes right from your living room. Let’s run through several quick troubleshooting steps to attempt.

Check All Audio Connections on your Insignia Smart TV

Since loose wires are a prevalent source of AV system sound problems, first double check connections:

  • Verify cables fully inserted: Remove and re-seat all audio cables connected to TV and sound system.
  • Wiggle cables: Check for intermittent connections by gently wiggling wires while TV is on. If sound cuts out, the cable is faulty.
  • Test different cables: Swap HDMI/optical/analog cables one by one to isolate faults.

Snug, high-quality cords between your devices allow correct EDID handshake so your TV activates advanced audio menus.

Perform Factory Reset on Insignia Smart TV

If cabling checks out fine, consider a factory reset to reinstall a clean OS, drivers, and default system software:

  • From Home screen, select Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset
  • Choose Reset to confirm and reboot TV
  • Run basic setup again post-reset

This wipe reinstalls all smart TV drivers which often resolves glitched audio issues. Just be warned that you will lose all custom settings!

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Ensure Insignia Smart TV Input Supports Sound

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Another common reason for blank audio adjustment screens is the currently selected TV input lacks sound support.

As a test, check audio menus while switched to various sources:

  • HDMI ARC port directly from sound system
  • HDMI port from media streamer
  • Built-in tuner with antenna

If audio settings remain greyed out on all inputs, it points to a deeper system problem. But they may reactivate on select sources indicating a compatibility issue.

Update Insignia TV Firmware

Outdated firmware is a frequent driver of TV gremlins from frozen apps to unresponsive controls.

  • From Settings, select Support > System Update
  • If updates available, select Download and Install
  • Post-install, reboot TV and retry audio menus

With firmware refreshed, your Insignia television regains full access to expected audio adjustments.

When to Call Insignia Customer Support

If you’ve triple checked connections, factory reset, updated firmware and still can’t access audio settings, it’s time to call in the pros:

  • Insignia Support: 844-845-3456
  • Support Hours: Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm, Sat-Sun 8am – 5pm

Insignia agents can initiate remote diagnostic testing on your television plus have special access to advanced troubleshooting steps. Describe the audio settings issue in detail along with steps you’ve already tried.

If agents determine hardware issues within the TV, they can walk through manufacturer warranty repair options since most new Insignia models include 1-year coverage.

Adjusting Volume on Insignia Smart TV as a Temporary Workaround

Image credit by Insignia

With your Insignia’s sound settings still greyed out, you’re likely wondering how to currently adjust volume. Thankfully options exist!

Via TV remote:

  • Open on-screen menu and navigate to the desired input tile
  • Use remote volume buttons to directly control input volume

Via external sound system remote:

  • IF you have a sound bar, AV receiver, or speakers with independent volume controls – use its remote to alter levels.

While limited, this allows sound adjustment while working with support on the deeper issue.

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