How to Create, Delete & Manage Multiple User Streaming Profiles on Hulu

Streaming services like Hulu give you access to thousands of movies and TV shows in one place. Hulu has exclusive and original titles that you can only stream on its platform, making it worth your while. You can even look forward to upcoming shows available every month not to mention the live sports TV you can add to your account.

To make your Hulu streaming experience more personalized and enjoyable, Hulu lets you create, change, and manage multiple user profiles to share with someone in your friends or family. You and your family members can have your personal profiles customized on your watch history and platform activities. For instance, younger members of the household will have more animated titles showing in their recommendations if you set up a kids profile for them.

Hulu User Profile Rules and Exceptions

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Hulu allows each account holder up to five additional user profiles. That means you can add many users with up to 6 different Hulu profiles in your streaming account. Other streaming services also allow you to create multiple user profiles for every account. However, not all platforms let you stream simultaneously using different devices.

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If you create additional user profiles on Hulu, some rules will enable you to stream on multiple devices at the same time.

  • Signing up on Hulu basic plans will allow you to simultaneously stream from the same account for up to two devices only.
  • Subscribing to Hulu Plus Live TV plans will allow you to stream simultaneously using the same home network on an unlimited number of devices. You will need to pay the Unlimited Screens add-on for $9.99 per month.
  • If you sign up for one or more pay-TV movie channels on top of your Unlimited Screens add-on, you can stream those pay-TV movie channels up to five devices simultaneously.
  • If you stream your Hulu Plus Live TV with Unlimited Screens on another network, you can only stream up to three devices at once.

How to Create Multiple User Profiles on Hulu

If you are ready to create and add more user profiles to your Hulu account, you can do so through your the streaming app on your Android or iOS mobile device, connected smart TV device, or the Hulu website.

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Create Hulu User Profile via Hulu Website

  • First, launch any browser and go to
  • Sign in to your account.
  • In the upper right corner, hover over your profile name.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Click Add Profiles.
  • Enter your new profile information.
  • Click Create Profile.

Creating Hulu User Profile via iPhone or Android App

  • Launch the Hulu app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Go to your account.
  • Tap your profile name.
  • Select New Profile.
  • Enter your profile information.
  • Tap Create Profile.

Add New Profile on Hulu via Smart TV Devices

  • Open the Hulu app.
  • Go to the Profiles screen.
  • Select New Profile.
  • Enter your profile information.
  • Click Create Profile.

How to Remove or Delete a User Profile on Hulu

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If you want to remove a friend or a family member from your Hulu account, follow the steps below.

Removing a Single User Profile on Hulu

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Hover over your name.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Choose the profile your want to remove.
  • Click Delete Profile.
  • Confirm your action.

Remove All User Profiles on Hulu

You also have the choice to delete all user profiles in your Hulu account.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • On your Account page, go to Privacy and Settings.
  • Select California Privacy Rights.
  • Navigate to Manage Activity.
  • Click the Profiles option.
  • Select Clear Selected.

How to Switch User Profiles on Hulu

Switching from one user profile to another is easy. You can do it on the Hulu website, on your mobile device, or any TV-connected device.

  • To switch profiles on, go to your profile name and select the profile you want to switch to.
  • On your mobile device, tap your account icon and select your desired profile.
  • To switch profiles on TV-connected devices, go to your account. Click Profiles and choose the profile you want.

How to Edit User Profiles on Hulu

Hulu also lets you edit each user profile. You can change some information and manage the Kids Mode.

To edit user profiles on Hulu, you can go to or the Hulu app on your iOS or Android device. Navigate to the Profile you want to change and click the Edit icon.

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How many user profiles are you planning to create on your Hulu account? We are curious to know! Please write them down in the comments below.

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