How to Fix Error on Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video has been successfully keeping up with other streaming giants as it provides popular videos and shows to its users. However, just like most video platforms, Amazon Prime Video also has its share of letdowns

One of these is none other than the error code. If you’re also getting the same problem, there are several ways how to fix error on the Amazon Prime Video app on smart TVs.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code on Smart TV
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Check your Streaming Device for Software Updates

Error codes often appear if the device you’re using to stream Amazon Prime Video has outdated software or firmware. You can check for software updates by going to the settings menu of your device. Look for the option labeled Device or System. Check if there are software updates available. Install them right away if there are any. 

Check your Internet Connection for Problems

An unstable or weak internet connection is one of the main reasons why the error appears on Amazon Prime Video. You can troubleshoot this problem by connecting your device to the internet. Restart both your modem and router. You can also try to connect to another WiFi network to confirm if your connection is the cause of the error code. 

Clear Cookies and Cache on your Smart TV

Cookies and cached data may also cause some conflicts with your Amazon Prime Video app. You can clear these by going to your device’s settings menu. Look for and choose the Amazon Prime Video app. Proceed to clear all cookies and cache. 

Reboot the Streaming Device

More often than not, connectivity issues are easily resolved with a simple restart of the streaming device you’re using. Switch off the streaming device and unplug it from its power source. Plug it back in after a few minutes and switch it on. 

Update Amazon Prime Video App on your TV

Compatibility issues are quite common if you have an outdated app so make sure your Amazon Prime Video app is updated to the latest version. Simply go to the respective app store of your device, look for Amazon Prime Video, and verify if there are available updates. 

Confirm the Status of your Subscription to Amazon Prime Video

If there is something wrong with your chosen payment method or your Amazon subscription has already lapsed, the error may show up as a result. You can verify your subscription by visiting and logging into the Amazon Prime Website. Proceed to the settings of your account and confirm the status of your streaming subscription. 

Seek Help from Amazon Prime Video Support

When the issue persists even if you’ve tried the steps above, your last resort is to seek the assistance of the support team of Amazon Prime Video. They will be able to give you a more comprehensive guide on how you can get rid of the annoying error code. To start your inquiry, click here.

Wrapping It Up

It can be very frustrating if an error shows up when you’re trying to watch your favorite videos and shows. By learning how to fix error on Amazon Prime Video, you no longer have to worry about the same problem happening again in the future.

Aileen Grace M
Aileen Grace M
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