How to Fix Discovery Plus App Black Screen Error on Roku, Android or iPhone

Discovery Plus is an online video streaming service that’s vastly different from most of the other popular streaming platforms around. Focused more on educational content, the Discovery Plus app has a fascinating niche that sets it apart from its competition. If you’re looking for documentaries and the like, the it’s hard to really argue with what the Discovery Plus service has on offer.

But, as with any streaming service, Discovery Plus has its own share of issues that can make it frightfully frustrating to use. Perhaps the most problematic issue of them all however is the black screen error that pops up for users whenever they use the Discovery+ application on their streaming devices. Your screen simply went blank and sometimes the audio would remain playing in the background. It’s a difficult issue to troubleshoot not to mention it doesn’t make for a very pleasant binge-watching experience.

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Well, we’re here to help you with that! We’ve compiled a couple of concise step-by-step troubleshooting solutions and fixes below that should have you back watching your documentaries in no time!

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How to Troubleshoot the Issue & Fix Discovery Plus App Black Screen Error on Android Phone, iPhone or Roku Players

Because your whole screen is black or sometimes looks blank, it’s understandably difficult to glean any useful information out of the error itself. But, there are a few known causes for this error on Discovery Plus, and we’ll be running you through all of them in our solutions below.

This guide works for fixing Discovery+ black screen of death issues experienced on Android phone, iPhone, Roku player and smart TV devices. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Check Discovery Plus Servers

  • Go over to and search for Discovery+ servers.
  • Check and see if there’s been a outage while you were trying to watch shows.
  • If there is, then simply wait for the servers to come back up.
  • Once servers are up, try watching Discovery Plus on your app once again.

Update your Version of Discovery+ App

  • Check and see if the Discovery Plus app has any pending updates.
  • If available, then update the app to its latest version.
  • Wait for the update to finish installing.
  • Once it’s done, try opening the app up again.

Reinstall Discovery Plus App on your Device

  • If all else fails, uninstall the Discovery Plus app.
  • After a few minutes, go back to the App store and reinstall Discovery Plus.
  • Open the application and log-in as usual.
  • Check and see if black screen error is still present.

If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve listed down properly, then you should be back to accessing your content by now. It can be somewhat frustrating to deal with, but ultimately fixing the black screen issues of the Discovery Plus app isn’t too tough. We hope this guide helped you out, and for more tips and fixes, stay tuned!

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