Full List of Supported Apple & 3rd Party Devices Compatible with AirPlay 2

Casting video or audio from your iPhone to other Apple-powered devices is easier thanks to AirPlay. You have the ability to wirelessly stream content between Apple devices without the added hassle. But while AirPlay is an excellent modern technology of its own, here comes Apple AirPlay 2.

With AirPlay 2, you get the benefits of using AirPlay plus more features. AirPlay 2 is the enhanced version of the AirPlay mirroring tool. It works on most Apple devices and more. So, what’s the difference between AirPlay and the new AirPlay 2 technology?

Difference Between Apple AirPlay and AirPlay 2 Mirroring Tool

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AirPlay enables you to cast your media content from one Apple device to another. You can use it on your iPhone, Mac, iPad, and even Apple TV. All it takes is connecting to the same WiFi network and turning on the AirPlay casting tool.

Now, take everything from AirPlay and add in multi-room streaming. What you get is a streaming technology that allows you to listen to audio or watch videos on multiple Apple or third-party devices.

You can receive phone calls without interrupting your AirPlay 2 connection. All streamed content plays in sync to multiple devices. You can even use Siri to control AirPlay mirrored content.

Apple AirPlay 2 version also enables you to share Up Next notifications with other iOS devices connected to the same network. Plus, AirPlay 2 has more supported devices.

Complete List of Apple AirPlay 2 Compatible Devices Including 3rd Party Options

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You can use Apple AirPlay 2 to stream videos and audio on various compatible devices including third-party players, and not just an Apple-branded one. Check out the complete and updated list of supported smart TVs, soundbars/speakers, computers, mobile phones, and tablets, as well as streaming media players below.

AirPlay 2 Supported Apple Devices

  • Apple HomePod
  • Apple HomePod mini
  • Apple TV – 2015 model
  • Apple TV 4K – RUNNING TVOS 11.4 and higher
  • iMac – 2009 model and later
  • iMac Pro – 2009 model and later
  • iPhone 5S and newer
  • iPad – 2017 model
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini 2 and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod touch – 2015 model or 6th generation
  • Mac Pro – 2010 model and later
  • MacBook – 2009 model and later
  • MacBook Air – 2010 and later
  • MacBook Air Pro – 2010 and later
  • MacBook mini – 2010 and later

Third-Party Devices Supported by AirPlay 2

  • Arcam
  • Audio Pro G10
  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound Core
  • Belkin
  • BL Bar 9.1 True Wireless Surround
  • Bluesound
  • Bose SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier
  • Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio
  • Cambridge Audio CXN
  • COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas
  • Cyrus ONE Cast
  • Denon
  • Devialet Phantom
  • GENEVA® DeCon
  • Harman Kardon Citation Adapt
  • IMS-4 Music Streamer
  • Integra
  • JAYS s-Living One/Three
  • JBL
  • KEF
  • LG TV
  • Libratone CAN
  • Lyngdorf TDAI-1120
  • Marantz
  • Marshall Uxbridge
  • Mcintosh RS200 Wireless loudspeaker system
  • Mu-so, Mu-so Qb
  • NAD
  • Naim
  • Network/Super Audio CD Player SL-G700, Technics
  • Nuvo
  • Onkyo
  • Onn
  • Pioneer
  • Platin Streaming Amplifier SM450
  • PORSCHE DESIGN Soundbar Speaker With Built-in Subwoofer
  • Primare NP5 Prisma
  • Pure DiscovR
  • RIVA Concert
  • Roku Speaker
  • Roku TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Sonos
  • Sony TV
  • TCL TV
  • Technics SC-C30/SC-C50
  • Vizio TV
  • VSSL
  • Yamaha

How many devices do you have that are compatible with the new AirPlay 2 version? We love to know your answer, so drop them in the comment section below.

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